With metallization, your pool is unique

The application of this type of coating is very pleasant to the touch, it reinforces the personality of your basin. A creation that resembles you! A wide selection of material effects leave all your desires free. Draw inspiration from our designer architect and our highly qualified technicians will realize your dream.

Above: Site of renovation and metallization of the bottom of the swimming pool overflow of 360m2 of a 5-star hotel in Coast of Monaco. All the Swimming pool is metallized in pewter.
The filling and completion of the works lasted 5 months.

Luxury pools, innovation and trend, a whole concept! an exclusive Luxury Design Professional in Europe. Customization and tailor-made, with the nobleness of pure metal powders: Gold, Bronze, Tin, Copper ...

by Luxury Design Professionnel

Applying this Cold Casting powder can give decorative effects on the bottom or walls of your pool. Besides the fact that the pool will be metallized, it becomes unique by the application of the metal by our specialists, the effects of matter are different with each realization, and the diversity of the decoration also depends on the phases of sanding of the metal used. Compared to traditional swimming pools, tiles, reinforced fiberglass, waxed concrete and stainless steel where unsightly welds are visible despite a very high cost, our Cold Casting process can be carried out on free forms without any joints or joints with surface effects and an incomparable touch to this day.

Decorations and metallic surfaces take on a different dimension at night with the LED lights of the pool as the metals restore the light. We are currently developing a HOLOGRAMM product that will allow to realize an Arc en Ciel at the bottom of the pool, depending on the brightness due to solar radiation. You will notice in the photos of the swimming pool of the Palace Hotel, undergoing renovation, on the French Riviera near Monaco, that the decoration of the bottom is composed of different metals (Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Iron and Gold) the walls of the pool are made of Pewter.

As a priority, you listen and know your requirements. We are committed to a personalized study. You will be accompanied from the beginning until the reception of the works with a single interlocutor. Your tailor-made project will be carried out according to the rules of the art. You define or give us an illustration, a photo or simply ideas and we will propose several projects and models on plan, in order to visualize the final result. You do not have any ideas, but you like the concept. Our architect Designer will propose you a decor in harmony with the place, your villa ... Mastering perfectly the spaces to live, she will advise you according to her inspiration, her feelings and your suggestions.

No predefined plans, no models in catalog, with us it is the creativity and the bespoke that are privileged. We stand out by making tailor-made projects that are sometimes complex. When the plans are final, we guarantee you a perfect coordination of the work on your site. The implementation of interior metallization of a swimming pool prestige, requires a perfect mastery of this process and can only be carried out by our professionals, trained for this purpose.

We remain at the disposal of architects, private individuals, to study their project and realize futuristic decorations or portraits of the style of Andy WARHOL for example. For any additional information or the realization of your personalized study, leave us your coordinates. We will contact you as soon as possible.