Tables in metallic American oak

Nowadays, high quality interior and exterior decoration is made by application or projection on any supports (furniture, walls, hotel counters, prestige yachts ...) of pure metal powders associated with a composite binder . The metals commonly used in decoration are: Copper, Bronze, Iron, Brass, Aluminum, Zinc, Tin, Titanium ... From this process that covers any surface, any object, and virtually all materials including glass, without any seal, our company, in conjunction with laboratory, has developed a special binder associated with metals, which makes it possible to realize high standing, unique to the World to date.

Metallization of all exterior decors and terrace furniture for hotels, restaurants, yachts, villas on Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez ...

by Luxury Design Professionnel

It is not a paint, it is a cold-cast composite metal, containing more than 95% pure metal. There are many possible materials to cover: laminates, wood, melamine, fiberglass, plastic, plaster, ceramics, concrete, foams, porcelain, glass and metal. Depending on the technique used, the surface can be satin, oxidized, polished, patinated or matt. Luxury Design Professional gives a real metallic skin, with the appearance and natural properties of metal.

Beyond the exceptional design, this process allows to cover the object without joints, with a perfect adhesion. It is durable, resistant to frost, weather, UV and chemicals. It often gives a second life to old-fashioned objects. The details are beautifully highlighted.

Luxury Design Professional offers a finished product, metallic barrel tables. They are made to measure and to order.
Description: H: 95 cm • L: 80 cm • Weight: 50 Kg • Top: Safety glass gray or bronze • Center hole for champagne bucket
• Easy to move wheels.

Many finishes to choose from: Natural Oak waxed polished & polished • Mahogany shade with varnish • High Standing all metallic: Tin, Brass, Gold, Copper, Bronze or Titanium ... • Super Design: Black or shiny red.

Our prices :
• Model BACCHUS Solid polished and waxed high protection type, equipped with 4 castors: 528 €
• Model BACCHUS Mahogany or Medium Oak, 5 layers of varnish, equipped with 4 castors: 790 €
• Model BACCHUS "PRESTIGE" Choice of metallisation, equipped with 4 castors: 1500 €
• BACCHUS model "sparkle" Finish Luxe black or red, glitter with glitter, equipped with 4 castors: 1990 €
• Safety glass top 8 mm thick / 80 cm diameter with central hole for champagne bucket 320 €
• Galvanized strapping with gold-lacquer finish: 420 €

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