Recycling and renovating objects: Metallization
Cold Casting on parquet and objects

A creative idea and design to give a second life to objects that you hold but that time has ruined! Think metallization. Indeed, the Cold Casting process can cover any surface in a uniform and seamless manner. Whether your object to recycle is made of plastic, wood, melamine, porcelain ... the metallic will allow to highlight its details with metallic reflections. It will be as new and above all unique depending on the hue or shades you wish!

Metallization of all objects: guitar, cup, frame, door frame, etc .. for hotel design decoration, decoration design of restaurants, design decoration of yachts, decoration design of villas of particular on Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, all departments in France

by Luxury Design Professionnel

The metallization of the objects is durable, resists shocks, chemicals ... Your object covered with 95% pure metal, will have the appearance and natural properties of metal. a large panel exists: Copper, Bronze, Iron, Brass, Aluminum, Zinc, Tin, Titanium, Gold ...

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