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Our company LUXURY DESIGN PROFESSIONNEL is based in Saint-Maximin on the French Riviera. Specialized for years in the renovation of swimming pools shell, concrete, liner ... by the application of the polyester lamination process, we have diversified, facing a new demand from our customers: Cold Casting.

Cold Casting of prestige on all supports

by Luxury Design Professionnel

This new process can be used on all supports and the Cold Casting allows to personalize your interior or exterior decoration: be it the walls, the furniture, your swimming pool or the furniture of your terrace.

In order to bring you high-end and personalized services, our company is accompanied by an architect designer. We operate throughout France, Switzerland and even Europe. Christian Lieutaud and Tatiana Malii-Lieutaud (graduate of the Moscow School of Architecture) will be happy to meet with you in order to help you to realize your project.

Discover the realizations of Tatiana Mali-Lieutaud

Our quotations are free, we study them, during an appointment. Each case is unique and must be studied to guarantee you a quality service in accordance with your budget and your needs. We respect our deadlines.