Cold casting for luxury design

Luxury Design is a composite process allowing the uniform application of metal by spraying or coating on any support. Luxury design gives an appearance and possesses a touch similar to the reaction of a solid mass cast. It consists of 95% pure metal. The method comprises combining a polymeric binder with metal.

Above: Site of renovation and metallization of the bottom of the swimming pool overflow of 360m2 of a 5-star hotel in Coast of Monaco. All the Swimming pool is metallized in pewter. The impoundment and completion of the works lasted 5 months. s.

Cold Casting, a luxury decoration process with different pure metals: tin, gold, bronze, brass, titanium, aluminum, iron, copper ...

by Luxury Design Professionel

This combination, after a chemical reaction, results in the creation of a composite metal whose final qualities are very qualitative. Once applied and hardened, the product has the characteristics of a casting, due to its texture and thermal conductivity. Once the application has been completed, and depending on the surface's application, the metals can be rendered matte, polished oxidized or patinated, according to the customer's choice and on the advice of our architect-consultant.

The metallization has surprising effects and gives a staging of the natural reflections of the material. Touch surfaces are comparable to a metal skin: an exceptional feel. We apply this process on different surfaces or supports such as walls, floors, objects ... The metallization of the bottom of your swimming pool will give a unique rendering. Made to measure with the illustration or representation of your choice, and the mixing of different effects of pure metal materials will give your pool its exclusive side and unexpected rendering at night in addition to LED lighting. Depending on the metal chosen, the support or the treated structure reflects either the robustness of the steel or the suavity of the gold.

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