Renovation of swimming pools polyester, concrete, tiles ...

Craftsmen specialized since many years in laying of laminate, we realize many renovations of old swimming pools hull, masonry or tiling. The lamination process is the application of fiberglass with polyester resins with a gel-coat finish to the color of your choice.

Above, Hotel pool, Cape Estel ***** in Eze -Monaco: 820 m2 with overflow, made of fiberglass reinforced and polyester isophalic resin.

To effectively renovate your pool: polyester lamination provides quality and waterproofing, from your pool over the long term. Renovation, waterproofing, swimming pool repairs, makeover

by Luxury Professionnel Design

After the visit of our sales engineer, we advise you the best option for the renovation or repair of your pond. We intervene for the repair of swimming pools polyester shells osmosée, the refreshing of the hulls used and the problems of waterproofing.

For swimming pools of traditional construction, very often, the liner discolours or becomes dirty, it presents leaks. In other cases, it is the mosaic that loosens in places causing leaks to the basin.

The renovation will give a second life to your pond and modernize it. Depending on the size of your pool and the type of work: a repair, a refreshment or a complete renovation, the site may be several days. Equipped with professional equipment and accompanied by a team of highly qualified technicians, we ensure quality services with the advice of our designer architect. We are specialized in the renovation of high-end swimming pool and very large dimensions. Our clients are individuals, owners of luxury villas or professionals like ***** hotels. Our areas of intervention are very extensive, we move all over France and Europe.

We work in close collaboration with the pool of judicial experts in the pool.

You want a price for the renovation of your swimming pool, contact us by telephone or by mail, to agree a first appointment.